Personal Consulting for Your Extended Care Journey

    "Finding quality extended care and support services and filing long term care insurance claims can be overwhelming for caregivers. By forming Atkins Extended Care Consulting Services, my goal is to help you and your loved ones navigate the process of finding quality services, file insurance claims that can be confusing and time consuming. I can be an experienced resource for your family along this difficult journey. 

    Think about having a personal connection to local resources, from home maintenance to alternative living options, all in our hometown. I would like to help you reduce the challenges you and your loved ones are facing in finding appropriate care.  I’ll help you determine the services you need to maintain the highest possible quality of life by finding the appropriate providers right here in our community.

    Allow me to conduct a needs assessment and help you create a customized plan that is built on your situation and your needs, and will be the best fit to fulfill your wishes."


Design and Implement LTC Plans for families, individuals, and businesses

    "My journey as a LTC planner and advocate has taken me from a very personal experience   with my own mother to running a plan for 8,000 employees at Cone Health Systems. I   especially enjoy working with single women because I think their challenges facing long term care are so grave. A family solution is a delightful endeavor because I know the impact of an event of long term care on each generation. I have managed groups as large as the Cone Health System and as small as a privately-owned family business. Regardless of size, the challenges each time are the same as I work with each person to solve the riddle of finding the greatest benefit for the least premium."

Advocate for clients during the application process, underwriting process, and when plan changes are needed

    "A LTC plan is not a static document frozen in a file. It's an ever-changing component of an overall financial plan that needs and deserves periodic review. One of the greatest fulfillments of my practice are the hundreds of relationships I enjoy with current clients, as I learn about the changes in their lives and help to keep their plans in sync with those changes.”

Resolve claims issues for clients and non-clients

    "I'm available as a professional to non-clients as well. Anyone who experiences a difficult claim with a carrier deserves the advocacy of an active and educated agent. I'm glad to advocate for any long term care policy holder who is experiencing conflicts or difficulties with their carrier. I view this as my professional obligation."

Consult and advise on rate increase issues

    "Most especially in the last 3 years, the primary carriers have found it necessary to increase premiums of current clients. There is a huge body of regulation efficiently run by the NC Department of Insurance that governs these changes. It's extremely rewarding to serve a consumer who is perplexed and frightened by these increases and to help them come to an equitable resolution."

Help design and coordinate care plans

    "A good agent doesn't vanish when a policy is delivered. The most critical time in a clients life is when a claim happens. I want to be one of the first professionals contacted by my clients at the event of claim brought on by illness or injury. A care plan is developed by bringing together legal, financial, and health care providers with the family and care givers. I like to help coordinate that plan development and follow its implementation."

Remain active in state and local regulatory processes and advocate for changes at the state level

    "As a senior fellow of the NC Institute on Aging, I've been privileged to gain access to the processes that govern the delivery of long term care in North Carolina. Because North Carolina is the 3rd most popular state in the nation for retirees, the market compression and demand for services increases daily. Those of us active in aging services understand the impact of this exploding demand, and therefore we have the responsibility to communicate with law makers as to how these changes need to affect our laws."